Treated wood. Treated right.

Trees are one of our most valuable natural resources. They capture and lock in carbon dioxide and help generate the oxygen we breathe. Treating wood extends its service life while maintaining a unique beauty and strength.

Lonza has pioneered the development of preservative products and application technologies to allow the very best protection against the threats of rot, mold, decay, fungi and insect attack.

Residential Preservatives

Preservative treatments for residential construction, landscaping, decks, docks and outdoor projects.



Industrial Preservatives

Preservatives for highway, railroad, utility pole and salt water marine applications.


Fire Retardant Products

Products to slow flame spread and minimize smoke generation.

Fire Retardant

Non-Pressure Preservatives

Products for preserving wood in framing, millwork and other protected uses.


Mill Specialty Products

Spray and dip products to keep wood looking clean and bright.

Mill Specialty

Engineered Wood Products

Preservatives for engineered wood applications.

Engineered Wood