Dricon® FS How to read the stamp

Dricon® FS is required to be stamped. It signifies a code compliant FRT product. Dricon® FS FRTW producers stamp each piece of wood to ensure that your lumber and plywood are treated properly and to the highest standard.

What’s on the stamp:

  1. Identification mark of an ALSC approved agency
  2. Name of the fire-retardant treatment
  3. AWPA – include AWPA U1 designation and if you are going to include (FR-2) on the stamp
  4. Species of wood
  5. Method of drying after treatment (ADAT or KDAT)
  6. Flamespread and smoke developed index
  7. Flamespread <50 and smoke developed <200
  8. Identification of the treating manufacturer
  9. This could be the actual name of the treater or their plant number


The Dricon® FS Stamp