No longer does fire have to be a threat to your poles. Field-applied next-generation FireSheath® fire retardant coating will help protect poles against the common types of fire that can damage or even topple a pole. Applied by brush, roller, or power sprayer (preferably airless sprayer), the intumescent coating foams up in the event of a fire, creating char which insulates underlying wood from the fire’s heat. In the ASTM E 84 tunnel test, wood coated with the formula qualified as a Class A fire retardant material, with a Flame Spread rating of 5 and a Smoke Developed rating of 65. Introducing next-generation FireSheath® WFS Net™, an innovative mesh designed to protect wood products in case of fire by forming a barrier of protection that stops the spread of flames. FireSheath® WFS Net™ is used in the protection of utility poles as well as railroad bridges and crossarms. This new, easy-to-use product is an intumescent coated mesh that can be applied at any time to any type of wood products. Because it is painted on the wire mesh, product durability is improved and there is no need for cure time. During Testing FireSheath® WFS Net™ protected posts were exposed to fire that exceeded 1000 degrees. FireSheath® WFS Net™ formed a noncombustible barrier of protection within 5 seconds by expanding 300x’s that stopped the spread of the flames and insulating the wood surface. Whether used as a preventive measure against periodic brush fires, applied prior to a controlled burn for an extra measure of safety, or put on poles ahead of an oncoming fire, FireSheath® coating can save poles and prevent outages. The coating will remain effective for several years, depending on application, weather, and incursion and duration of fires. As with all coatings, annual inspection to repair abnormalities is recommended. Such repairs are easily and readily accomplished with FireSheath® coating.

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Video: FireSheath® Test Burn

A field-applied coating called FireSheath<sup>®</sup> fire retardant will help protect poles against the common types of fire that can damage or even topple a pole. This video shows in-field testing to prove its effectiveness

FireSheath® Test Burn