SillBor®Borate Treatment

SillBor® borate preservative makes wood resistant to insect attack and fungal decay. It is suitable for interior, weather-shielded applications in areas that may be subject to sources of moisture but are not subject to direct contact with water.

Offering a host of environmental benefits, SillBor® wood is listed in the GreenSpec® directory of environmentally preferable products.

The Treated Wood Council’s Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) compares borate-treated framing with galvanized steel framing and found that borate-treated wood requires less energy and resources to produce, and it has a lower environmental impact for similar performance. 

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Benefits of Borates

SillBor® borate treated wood is protected against termites (including Formosan termites), rot and fungal decay as well as keeping other pests at bay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and information about SillBor®, including code compliance, model building codes, and retentions.

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Use and Handling

Information about the proper use and handling of SillBor® treated wood.

Use and Handling