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Wolmanized® Outdoor® Wood is treated with copper azole (CA) preservative, the most widely used preservative system in the world. A growing number of treated wood producers now add BARamine® technology to the copper azole treatment for added benefits.

Model Specifications

ICC-ES Reports

SDSs for Treated Wood Products

Code Acceptance

Wood treated with Wolman® E copper azole preservatives (dissolved copper azole (CA-C/CA-B) or micronized copper azole, (MCA-C/MCA-B)) meets requirements of model building codes for many applications, and a code evaluation report on this wood has been issued by ICC Evaluation Service (ESR-1721).

The copper azole treatment is also listed in the standards of the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA). Copper azole formulated preservatives are approved by government and trade agencies throughout the world.

Retention Standards

Different applications require different amounts of preservative protection. Below are requirements for our copper azole formulations.

Typical Applications

Use Category CA-C   MCA-C   CA-B   MCA-B   CA-C   MCA-C   CA-B   MCA-B
Above Ground, Protected (1, 2, 3A, 3B)* 0.060   0.060   0.10   0.060   0.060   0.060   0.10**   0.06
Ground/Fresh Water Contact (General Use 4A) 0.15   0.15   0.21   0.15   0.15   0.15   0.21   0.15
Ground/Fresh Water Contact (Heavy Duty 4B) 0.31   0.33   0.31   0.31   0.25   0.23   0.31   0.23
Ground/Fresh Water Contact (Extreme Duty 4C) 0.31   0.33   0.31   0.31   0.35   0.33   0.41   0.33

*Use of Ground Contact treated wood may be necessary in some applications that are physically above ground. This includes components that are difficult to replace and are critical to the structure, or that may be exposed to ground contact type hazards due to climate, artificial or natural processes, or construction. See New Standards in Treated Wood for details.
**Retention is 0.080 pcf for sapwood species in decking and specialties use.

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