Antiblu® and Mycostat® Lines

We offer a choice of wood protection and enhancement products with a wide range of dilution ratios, giving you the flexibility to use them in a variety of applications. These products are used for the control of sapstain and mold in freshly sawn and seasoned wood and wood products. They can be used on lumber, as well as plywood, particleboard, OSB, and wood composite structural components. Please contact a Lonza representative for assistance in choosing the best product for your particular needs.

AntiBlu® XP-Quattro • AntiBlu® XP64 • AntiBlu® IP75 • AntiBlu® Blitz • AntiBlu® F-40 (Chlorothalonil)

Mycostat® P-series • Mycostat® MX • Mycostat® BX2 • Mycostat® PQ • Mycostat® IV • Mycostat® K-series

P-37 II Insecticide

A widely used and effective liquid insecticide that protects lumber and logs against wood-destroying insects.


Only small amounts are required to keep foam from vibro screens, return lines, agitators and other areas that commonly generate foam.

H2O Water Block

Available in both concentrate and ready-to-use formulations, H2O Water Block is a silicone sealer containing a blend of components that provide waterproofing for a wide variety of substrates.


For mold control in freshly sawn wood and wood composites.


Formulated to reduce iron marks and to effectively brighten lumber for extended periods of time.

AntiBlu® Brightener • AntiBlu® Brightener 25/75 • Ferrobrite Brighteners

Borate Additives

Long recognized as effective against wood-destroying organisms, borates diffuse through wood to prevent termite attack.

Custom Products

In certain jurisdictions custom blends and/or tank mixes may be prepared to customer specifications to precisely focus treatment economics. Lonza specialists are available to work with you to implement a solution matching your needs.