Diaplex™ and SmartFlow™

Diaplex™ Application Technology and SmartFlow™ Computer System

Lonza is the leading supplier of products used for the control of mold and sapstain on lumber and wood composites in the North American sawmill industry. We provide turnkey Diaplex™ Lineal and Transverse Spray Systems that precisely apply our products to protect your lumber from mold growth. Diaplex™ Spray Systems are made of high quality stainless steel that houses the most advanced technology in spraying. Our robust and reliable, easy-to-use system makes Diaplex™ the industry leading name in spray technology.

Smart Flow™ Computer Systems provide state-of-the-art information on a real time basis on all facets of your Diaplex™ Spray Equipment. The Smart Flow™ program provides you with consistent measurement and control of your Diaplex™ Spray System, giving you confidence that your lumber will maintain its natural beauty through the supply chain. Features include:

•Measuring & controlling application of Lonza’s anti-sapstain and mold inhibition products

•Monitoring application rates and costs

•Ringing operation alarms if the Diaplex™ system needs adjustments

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