Lonza is pleased to announce the launch of our new Dricon® Fire Retardant Treated Wood warranty. The warranty coverage has been expanded and enhanced as well as simplified in terms of registration and transferability. Below are the highlights of the changes:

•Combined preservative and roof system warranties

•Coverage now offered to the owner of the structure, rather than the builder

•Eliminated registration requirement

•Expanded coverage from roof systems to all end uses approved under the building codes. This includes roof systems and interior weather protected end uses (i.e., walls, floors, sill-plates, trusses, roof sheathing, etc). Note: the building code does not require FRTW for sill-plates, however, Dricon® FRTW sill-plates are covered under the new warranty.)

•Eliminated requirement that all FRT material used in a structure in which Dricon® FRTW is used must be treated with Dricon® preservative (but the warranty only covers the Dricon®FRTW portion of material)

•Eliminated restriction on transferability

We are happy to offer another selling benefit to an already great product. Please click below to see the new warranty and be sure to share with your customers.

Download the new Dricon® Warranty