Making a splash with LotusPro™

LotusPro water repellent is a patented, water-based industrial sealant that shields mass timber products from the effects of mold and moisture by providing a barrier from those natural enemies of wood. This innovation is a manufacturer-applied, specialty coating with a superhydrophobic technology formulated to resist mold growth.

When applied to CLT and glued laminated timber (glulam), LotusPro™ forms a durable superhydrophobic film that both penetrates and coats the wood surface, providing a premium coating for wood products that resist staining and other water damage, as well as soiling and deterioration caused by mold or mildew. This natural-looking protection allows the beauty of the engineered wood to shine through without affecting the color and overall appearance.  LotusPro™ water repellent is compatible with oil-based and some water-based finishes.