Lonza Update: EPA Registration Review – Boric Acid & Sodium Borate Salts

December 7th 2017

Review Process Update
Boric Acid and Sodium Borate Salts 

EPA’s registration review process for Boric Acid and Sodium Borate Salts was initiated in 2009. Since then EPA has issued a data call-in and has published Human Health, Occupational/Residential, and Environmental risk assessments on these chemicals. This culminated into the issuance of the Boric Acid/Sodium Salts Proposed Interim Registration Review Decision in May of 2017. Lonza Wood Protection has been monitoring the regulatory process to ensure the best interest of its customers.

The document’s proposed label included:
Cover or otherwise protect treated wood to prevent leaching in case of rain.
Additional proposals include listing of the maximum application rate on label and citing the specific AWPA standard and the standard’s publication date if referencing AWPA on the label. As the proposal on covering of wood will affect customers, Lonza notified EPA of their concern, arranged for a meeting in August to discuss the issue further and submitted formal comments on the decision document proposing alternative language.  Lonza was the only preservative supplier who submitted comments focusing on this issue. Lonza proposed that in lieu of the above statement requiring covering of the wood, that the following statement would be more manageable for the treater while still providing protection to the environment:

“Wood treatment facilities must take steps to prevent runoff of the product into the waterway. Treated material stored outdoors within 100 feet of a pond, lake, stream, or river must be covered, surrounded by a containment berm, or otherwise protected to prevent surface water runoff. The containment berm must be of sufficient height to prevent runoff during heavy rainfall events.”

Following up on these comments, Lonza attended a meeting with EPA in November to discuss the issue further. EPA was receptive to the alternative language and Lonza has committed to participating in a teleconference with EPA and other stakeholders in the near future as the agency’s goal is to issue the interim decision in March of 2018. EPA would like to hear from treaters that would be affected by this decision. Lonza can assist in getting your voice heard by EPA.

Please know that Lonza is working hard to change the proposed language. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated as more information is received and when a decision is made.

For additional information, please contact Teri Muchow, Senior Manager, Regulatory Affairs Americas, or call 404-279-6964.