Summer 2018 – Know Your Wood

July 26th 2018
Spotlight: 2018 Pole Climb
The 2018 Pole Climb is in the books! This video lets you climb a Wolmanized®ET Clear Pole with an experienced lineman! This pole is 30 years old and still rates just as high as it did when it was first climbed! 

The event was started in 1988 to test the durability, longevity and climbability of CCA treated poles. Recently, we invited linemen from Snapping Shoals EMC to participate in our 30th anniversary climbing trial at our Technical Center in Conley, Georgia. The three linemen with about 20-25 years of combined climbing experience evaluated CCA, CCA ET® and Penta poles that were installed at the Tech Center 30 years ago. 

Upon coming down from a CCA ET® pole, one lineman who is used to climbing CCA-only poles, made the comment: “ET® treatment really makes a difference!” 

AWPA Merit Award
Lonza retiree, Randy Baileys, won the AWPA Merit Award: The Award of Merit is the Association’s highest award, bestowed in recognition of outstanding contributions to furthering the objectives and purpose of the Association. We appreciate all that Randy has done during his tenure at Lonza Wood Protection.
In the News
Did you catch the LBM Journal issue with an excellent article about the growth of outdoor living and the the current state of decking projects. 
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WWPI’s article highlights that more than 50% of DIYers and contractors research PTW, and that 60% of projects built by backyard contractors were made using PTW.
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BPD’s story on sustainability in the wood industry highlights the fact that all parts of a tree are used to make the most of this natural resource. 
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We love pressure-treated wood at Lonza Wood Protection, but knowing when and how to use preserved wood takes a little know-how. In this new video we walk you through the specifics on how preserved wood is made, and where and when to use it. Please share this with your dealers and retailers, as well as on your websites and social media. We’ve designed some new tools for our dealers and retailers. These tools will help contractors provide better service to their customers. The first tool is a Deck Owner’s Manual which will help customers keep their end tags, give them maintenance tips and help with warranty registration. The second piece is an online inspiration book, to help homeowners and contractors alike get ideas for outdoor living projects. 
Download the Inspiration Book
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